WordPress Keywords Plugin – Keyword Winner

I tried many kinds of seo plugins for my websitewithout getting a good result :frowning:

Now i found WordPress Keywords Plugin – Keyword Winner,please if there is anybody who uses this plugin tell me your opinion about it!

Iam using right now all in one seo plugin and the traffic of my website still very weak!


No plugin is going to drive traffic to your site.

It’s like tweaking the headlines on a book manuscript you’ve written and left on your desk. Nobody is going to read the book when it’s on your desk and they don’t know about it – you have to go send it to editors, talk to enthusiasts that blog about books in your genre, set up a booth at conventions – promotion! Do the same with your website. Actually reach out to real people and find a way to get exposure for your site.

Real people using your site and spreading the word leads to good search engine ranks, not the other way around, in the beginning.

You can get Scribe SEO from CopyBlogger. It is a premium plugin and it helps you tweak your content for SEO. It also gives you backlinking advice and tells you who to make connections with on Twitter for related content.

Get guest posts on established blogs in your niche and leave an author resource box at the end of the post so you can get a backlink to your site to raise awareness. You have to leave your blog/website to get people to come to it!

In my opinion, the all in one SEO plugin offered by WordPress is a great tool for driving traffic to your website. However it is essential to combine it with good quality authentic content for getting the best results. The WordPress plugin supports the custom post types and it also tunes with the page navigation links. The best part of this plugin is that it automatically optimizes the titles for getting more benefits from the search engines.

Keyword Winner just released 3.0, you should notice some big differences to the way your site ranks with the new functions, its pretty awesome!

I use Google XML Sitemaps + All In One SEO Pack + SEOPressor.
Works for me.