Wordpress is it really the best

Wordpress is arguable the best when it comes to dowloadable software and easy to manage but it is also in the news for it weakness as well.But is it really true?.

I think wordpress is also better if you insist your blog to be at better position in google. Wordpress is just stronger than the other similar web sites. I find blogspot easier to work with.

I love wordpress, but like lots of software there are exploits that hackers can use to gain access to your site if you don’t keep up with the patches and upgrades that are made available.

Wp is great due to the many plugins and widgets available. Its also easy to install and to edit the source

Popular software’s are not popular only for the users but also for the hackers :slight_smile:

If we are not upgrading our wordpress then what is the percentage to hack website is it really true or its myth.

It depends, I’ve added a password via .htaccess to my wp admin and from then it looks fine, but before that I got hacked several times

I’ve never used that, I think I should try

It depends. There are definitely holes in previous versions of WordPress and WordPress plugins that can be exploited by hackers and there are bots that are seeking out websites that have these holes. I make it a policy to upgrade. I spoke to a domainer recently who had 300 Wordpress sites that he didn’t upgrade and they were all hacked. Nowadays you can us WordPress 3 to maintain a single instance to administer multiple subdomains if this solution is feasible. I recently wrote a blog that covers all of the security plugins that I use to create multi-layer security, if security is a major issue for you:

Best Must Have WordPress Plugins

I hope you find these useful. I have received favorable comments about this list.

I still prefer Wordpress to build my site rathen than Blogger or any other platform. Wordpress has a lot of plugins to offer. And also, the features are excellent. It helps me save time and money.

Yes being hacked is the threat. i launched my website and within couple of weeks it got hacked, but i searched a good plugin and secured my admin panel. now its safe. and thats the beauty of wordpress you can find everything FREE and ready to use

I recently wrote an article on WordPress security on my blog.

thats a nice article. i will follow some of the steps mentioned with my websites. thanks

I have been using WP for 2-3 years already. It’s a super platform. Some of my clients, even if they don’t own a blog, but a presentation site, have started using it. It’s versatile and easy to use. And once you have a good design on it, you can just work with it.

Well I am on blogger and as far as the templaets are concerened we can get any temp[late for blogger. So wordpress didnt impressed me coz its difficult to use I heard.

Wordpress is good for a quick and easy website, but I prefer another solution for a full blown CMS. Obviously WP has it’s benefits, but I must know what is going on in a backend before I feel secure.

I used to think that a hacker wouldn’t bother with “My little website” I mean who would waist their time on my sites, so I left the admin user name at the default “admin” name and sure enough got hacked.

We are dealing with the scum of the earth, so ALWAYS change the user to something else.

You can not say if Wordpress is the best in every case. It depends on the case. But for the typical case, yes it is the best. It won the Best Open Source CMS in 2009 . I have no idea how it lost that spot to “CMS Made Simple” in 2010. I haven’t even heard of CMS Made Simple.

Read Googles TOC… It basically says you don’t own your site. Its a good reason to get off Blogger.

See 5 Reasons to get off Blogger

yes this is true, my one swine flu site got hacked because i didnt keep up with the updates, was getting 10k clicks a day. btw anyone know how i can get it back, i still have it hosted under my justhost, heres the link: