Wordpress installation page is displaying

Hi friends please help me.
I created a website mrawebsite.com and hosted with iPage, everything is ok but whenever more than 20-30 visitors visits at the same time my website always go down(WordPress installation page open for 1 hour after that everything works fine) i don’t know why it happens i am facing this problem since beginning.
I guess its a server issue because iPage provides only 75000 Query/hr for shared hosted website once its exhausted site goes down for one hour.

is it means a website can not run without any issue with more than 20-30Visitors ?

Please suggest me. what should i do. how can i resolve this issue.

If your host has a query limit like this, I would recommend moving to a different host, as it sounds like this host isn’t meeting your needs.

My host doesn’t have query limits, but in monitors “conueries” - connections/queries, so it is a concern of theirs i.e. resource use.

If your site is relatively “set” you can go through your template files and replace some of the db calls with hard coded values.
eg. instead of the “get blog name” function, just type in your blog name.

More trouble to maintain perhaps but it will help reduce resource use.

If you install one of the caching plugins for Wordpress that should reduce the number of database queries as multiple visitors to the same page will then be accessing a cahced copy of the page instead of reloading it from the database.

Hi Felgall,
I installed following plugins-:

  • AdRotate

  • Akismet

  • Another Wordpress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP)

  • Infolinks Official Plugin

  • Jetpack by WordPress.com

  • MaxButtons

  • RSS in Page

  • RumbleTalk Chat

  • Schemeable Sliding Panel

  • Wordfence Security

  • WP File Cache

  • WP Super Cache

  • XCloner