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Good Afternoon All,

I have been developing my new wordpress website and decided I wanted a feature for it. The issue is I am lost on how to make this simple feature happen.
An example of what I want before I start explaining is on this link: www.metrotrains.com.au
On the right side of the metro trains web page there is a box that says line information, and under that title, still in the box is a list of all their lines and the live updated status of each line. They also have an information button next to the lines that have information to show, and when you click that button a mini popup shows. There is also a legend part to that describes what each colour status means.

Now I am wanting something basically exactly like this except with my own lines. I am wanting to have somewhere that I am able to easily update the status of each line to, maybe a page that i edit the status and once i have edited it updates all the pages showing the status.

Also metro trains is also running wordpress just like my website

Please I ask that anyone who can help I would be very happy.
I thank anyone who can help in advanced

Kindest regards


Hi railvictoria, welcome to the forums.

That site has, among a lot more, what look to be custom javascript files

You could write the code yourself, hire a developer, or ask them for rights

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is there a plugin i can use for wordpress that would just make a box like that, one that i could edit manually each time i wish to update it?

Sorry, but I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

The widget on that site looks very complex. Some links slide content, some links go to new pages. And I imagine the content is being pulled from a frequently updated source, probably using an API. That is, it doesn’t look like it’s being manually updated.

But if you don’t mind doing frequent edits, WordPress has a core Text Widget you could place on the home page.


Thanks for that, i will look into it and let you know if it works