Wordpress Import vs SEO

Hello All,

We have 10-15 websites and all of them are in wordpress, the idea is to register local domain names and place some local content related to our business and then re-direct customer to our main sales area;

its hard to manage 10-15 sites and add content to it, so my colleague uses ‘wordpress’ import as he have 1 xml content file for wordpress, and he import that to all new website and later then he adjust some words in it, I was worried about ‘duplicate content’ but he suggested that he then edit words.

Is it a right approach to do ‘such imports’ or do you really think that content should be added manually to achieve proper results.

Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.

Manual or automatic are just the same, I’d suggest you to block search engine until the content modification is complete so it doesnt get indexed to avoid duplicate content.