WordPress - How do I undo "Restore this Revision" action

I accidentally clicked “Restore this Revision” button while checking the 4-year old version of main page of WordPress website. Before that, the latest version I had was from 2 months ago (current one at the moment). After pressing “Restore this Revision”, I still have the latest (current) version from 2 months ago, so I can’t restore it (grayed button).

How do I undo the “Restore this Revision” action so the page is back to the version, let’s say, 1 hour before I pressed this button?

I think you can just dip into the revision history and restore it back to whatever version from the history. I think you should still be able to see the more recent version. This article can show you how to do that…

Hello, Welcome to this Forum ! If you don’t find the way to restore the good version with Wordpress. Let’s see if your Web Hoster made some back-up of your Database/Website. It’s another way to restore your Website . You just have to email them and ask for restoring the good version of your website without going through wordpress. Hope it’s help !

To undo “Restore this Revision” in WordPress, you need to manually revert to the previous version of your content:

  1. Go to the Post/Page: Navigate to the post or page where you made the revision.

  2. Click on Revisions: Scroll down to the bottom of the editor and click on “Browse” next to “Revisions” to see all saved versions.

  3. Select Previous Version: Find the previous version you want to restore and click “Restore This Revision” below it.

  4. Confirm: Confirm your action if prompted.

Comment: “Reverting to a previous revision in WordPress to undo unintended changes.