Wordpress help needed (1)

I need to improuve the search function in wordpress that is quite orrible giving just the last result for a very complex blog with tons of content … is just not enough!

I noted that the search feature in wp return only a single result and a single post instead of many (if there are many)

Any nice widget to be used? I tried some but without the resulyt I want.


Works fine for me…

Maybe you set the number of posts to be shown to 1?
Do you have a ‘next page’ link at the end of the first post the search function shows you?

Ciao Guido… un italico in Torino :slight_smile:

Maybe I was not clear…
… there is the link and I can basically go on link by link page by page but I want see all results in one page! or something like… I find 8 results… or some resume … something that make me understand that there is something more there!

You can set the number of content in every pages. It goes up to 10 contents per page.

Interesting but what to do if I wish have more the one post as in results page and only one in the main index page ?

wordpress search results number might has same number with your index . if you set unlimited number to search result, it would be same setted unlimited post on your main page blog.

can explain better?

Works fine for me.

Have you thought about just using a google search bar? You can monetize your search results with it.