Wordpress header and menu issue

I use weaver 2.0 Wordpress theme and I put an English category in my theme which had other Norwegian categories. I wanted to make the English categories have different menu that I have already customized in the WP Menu section.
The primary menu works well for the Norwegian pages and categories, but I am not able to get: how to apply the English menu for only the English categories.

Is there anyone have any idea how to go about this? Is it even possible?

I really appreciate any help.

Anything’s possible, it’s just a matter of how much code you’ll have to write :wink:

In your theme you’ll do something like this:

if (in_category('English')) {
  wp_nav_menu('top','english'...); //show the English menu
} else {
  wp_nav_menu('top','norwegian'...); //show the Norwegian menu

Function Reference/in category « WordPress Codex
Function Reference/wp nav menu « WordPress Codex

Thank you very much for the reply. Do I put this code into the header.php or somewhere else?

Also in this code (‘top’,‘english’…) do I edit it or should I just copy and paste this?

Again, thank you. I am not that much genius with this so would you please explain me how the code works?

“something like this” means “this is an example”

You need to do something like that wherever the code that displays your menu is. I don’t know where that code is, I don’t have access to your site. If this is a top menu you’re editing it’s probably in header.php.