WordPress front-end customisation

Does WP have any restrictions when it comes to completely changing the look and feel of the front-end?

If your front-end skills and php skills are up to scratch, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever customising the look and feel of your WordPress site.

If you however feel uncomfortable, you can purchase a premium theme from a lot of providers online which I will not advertise. Some of them even provide support for their themes as well as updates.

But if you are a ninja… WordPress is like water - it takes almost any form you want it to take.

Thanks Archie22is. So if I wanted to make the site look completely different to a standard WP site, it would be possible if the front-end skills are there?

Yes, It is absolutely possible.

@Mike2, that’s pretty much it. Here are a few website which I quickly found online that look nothing like WordPress:

Great. Thanks Genesis and thanks for the links Archie22is.

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