Wordpress Floating Menu - Jump Links that Open new Pages


Here is an example as to what I am trying to acheive, but instead of scrolling to a section ID I need when you click on a sidemenu link it opens up a new page and URL for SEO purposes but still has the scrolling functionality is this at all possible?

Here is the example - http://keydesign-themes.com/incubator/documentation/

Hope someon can help me with this.



I would strongly recommend against doing this for several reasons:

  • It would be a terrible user experience
  • You would essentially have many pages with the same exact content, which would actually hurt your SEO
  • It is not a simple solution and would require a ton of maintenance later on
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The only way that I can think of to have a different page scroll into view would be to write a browser extension.

I guess you could give an illusion by scrolling and then reloading identical pages at the scrolled to position, but IMHO the reload would counter the visual effect of the scroll.

I think it best to simply have different pages if you want different pages, and have a scrolling single page if you want the scroll effect.

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Hi All

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

I thought as much with regard to this being not possible.

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