Wordpress Development from scratch

Hi im currently designing a site for a friend, and im kind of new to the coding for wordpress scene , so im just wondering whats the best way to code for wordpress, because as I see it now the front page will mostly be widgets. It’s an event based site, and im really not sure how to go about coding, so that I can add in the required widgets easily. Essentially what is the best way to go about coding this website?

Hi kryptos, welcome to the forums

What’s “best” depends.

The easiest would be to use themes and plugins that are already out there in the WordPress Extend repository.

If you’re interested in writing your own then the WordPress Codex is your best friend.

Hi kryptos,

I think people have their own way to do this, I personally build a static version of each of the layouts used so my css, html and javascript/jQuery is all sound.

I have a default WordPress install running locally and like to check the css that it applies so when I build the static version most of the css is the same, that means I have far less converting to do. Things like widgets or sidebars I would place in their own container, and then I tell WordPress to add my css names so the code stays fairly similar, all the while checking what it likes to put in there for more refined control. This was a hard lesson for me in my early WordPress days, lots of time consuming fluffing around, and for no reason it turns out!

As long as your coding is pretty clean and consistent, and you keep to the WordPress guidelines for things, it should be fine.

For almost anything WordPress related there are tutourials available, and there is a raft of people that have encountered all kinds of issues.

And as Mittineague says the WordPress Codex is invaluable.

Hope this helps.