Wordpress Design


I just read an article reviewing sitepoint’s wordpress design book.

The article states that… “WordPress theme designers can earn between $10k and $25k per month”

and also… “By recruiting WordPress designers with the skills to create unique and excitingly different websites, they now reap the rewards of increased traffic”

Is any of this true? $10k a month seems like a crazy amount just because someone builds a site in wordpress. Why so much? How better can it be than a site created outside of Wordpress but to the latest Web Standards?

And how does Wordpress site benefit SEO?

Hoping you can give your opinion on this.

The number of people building Wordpress sites making $10k/month would definitely be in the minority.

The stuff about recruiting Wordpress designers increasing your traffic would be true of any site: you hire people who know what they’re doing, and you’ll see benefits. The underlying technology doesn’t really have anything to do with it. You could create the exact same website in terms of what visitors and search engines see regardless of which system/platform you use.

The key lies in what WordPress can do! You can use WordPress as a CMS to do nearly anything! Most people think of it just as a blog platform. If you looked at my site, AthletesWhoTweet - Find NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and other professional athletes on Twitter! you’d never think it ran on WP, but infact it does.

The reason it becomes so valuable to be a WP designer/integrator is that you enable the owner of the site to update content easily using the back-end user friendly WP admin. Also, the designer takes less hours to produce the product because they do not have to code a CMS from scratch.

Does that make sense?

It’s true about what everyone said, but I do wanna add in a few key points. A great designers are able to create a design that is specially optimized which means decrease load time. Furthermore a good SEO optimized theme is also beneficial which increase both traffic and the designers income. Furthermore the creativeness of the designers that knows about great user interface allows user to navigate easily and remember a site better.