Wordpress Database SQL Help Please!

hello all,

Please, i need to Select all posts with a Term on the Title Then insert them to a Category, how to do that!

at least i can Get all the Posts by using this :

FROM wp_posts
WHERE post_title LIKE '%CSS%'

But how to insert this result to a specific Category !?

Thank you in advance

Well post WP 2.5 how categories are stored has changed. Now its stored under term_taxonomy.

From what I understand you want a group of posts to be added to another category. So after you select you will need to then update specific term values by joining tables.

If the number of entries is less - I guess its better you simply go to posts and modify / update the category by selecting multiple posts and at once running update.

If you still wish to go via the database route - these posts might help you


Finally this what i did :slight_smile: even though i had more than 2000 posts to organize! Thank you for your help :wink: