Wordpress Custom Post Types

Ok, some background info:

  1. I’m not a fully fledged developer, but I’m getting there
  2. I’ve taken over the maintenance of a WordPress site with a custom theme
  3. I didn’t know WordPress before this, so I’ve had to learn it and still don’t know everything
  4. I know what Custom Post Types are and how to create them

My problem, is that there appears to be a number of custom post types created by the designer of the theme and I can’t find where they were registered. They’re not in the theme’s functions.php and I’m not sure where else to look.

Heck, maybe they aren’t even custom post types, but they appear in the main menu on the right (see attached image) and you can add new content just like you would in a custom post.

Can anyone help me with with this? The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to disable them because the end-user of the site doesn’t actually need them and they’re just cluttering up the menu. She’s not all that savvy so I want to provide her with a clean admin area. The on’es I’m referring to are Clients, Testimonial, Services and Portfolio.

I would assume that he created his own function for his theme but I assume that you’ve already looked the function.php file that came with it :scratch:

Check to see if there are any “custom post type” plugins installed.

There’s a couple of good ones I like to use called “Types,” and the other is “Custom Field Suite.” See if any of those plugins (or something like them) are installed.

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably go through and take full inventory of all plugins installed, and get a handle of what they all are and what they’re doing.

Hi, thanks for your replies.

I eventually found them in a file called theme-init.php that was then included via the functions.php file.

I haven’t learned that much about doing this that way yet.

Custom post types can be registered from within both plugins and themes, it’s more common now days to just register them in a theme compared to using a plugin which depending on how advanced the post types are going to be can be redundant.

Personally I tend to build more advanced custom post types so I always work within a plugin to separate things out.

Just my 2 cents.

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