Wordpress comment function!

<?php // Do not delete these lines

    if ('comments.php' == basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']))

        die ('Please do not load this page directly. Thanks!');

        if (!empty($post->post_password)) { // if there's a password

            if ($_COOKIE['wp-postpass_' . COOKIEHASH] != $post->post_password) {  // and it doesn't match the cookie



                <p class="nocomments">This post is password protected. Enter the password to view comments.<p>






        /* This variable is for alternating comment background */

        $oddcomment = 'alt';


<!-- You can start editing here. -->

<?php if ($comments) : ?>

    <h3 id="comments"><?php comments_number('No Responses', 'One Response', '% Responses' );?> to “<?php the_title(); ?>”</h3> 

    <ol class="commentlist">

    <?php foreach ($comments as $comment) : ?>

        <li class="<?php echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

            <cite><?php comment_author_link() ?></cite> Says:

            <?php if ($comment->comment_approved == '0') : ?>

            <em>Your comment is awaiting moderation.</em>

            <?php endif; ?>

            <br />

            <small class="commentmetadata"><a href="#comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>" title=""><?php comment_date('F jS, Y') ?> at <?php comment_time() ?></a> <?php edit_comment_link('e','',''); ?></small>

            <?php comment_text() ?>


    <?php /* Changes every other comment to a different class */    

        if ('alt' == $oddcomment) $oddcomment = '';

        else $oddcomment = 'alt';


    <?php endforeach; /* end for each comment */ ?>


 <?php else : // this is displayed if there are no comments so far ?>

  <?php if ('open' == $post->comment_status) : ?> 

        <!-- If comments are open, but there are no comments. -->


     <?php else : // comments are closed ?>

        <!-- If comments are closed. -->

        <p class="nocomments">Comments are closed.</p>


    <?php endif; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

<?php if ('open' == $post->comment_status) : ?>

<h3 id="respond">Leave a Reply</h3>

<?php if ( get_option('comment_registration') && !$user_ID ) : ?>

<p>You must be <a href="<?php echo get_option('http://www.cssispoetry.com'); ?>/wp-login.php?redirect_to=<?php the_permalink(); ?>">logged in</a> to post a comment.</p>

<?php else : ?>

<form action="<?php echo get_option('http://www.cssispoetry.com'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">

<?php if ( $user_ID ) : ?>

<p>Logged in as <a href="<?php echo get_option('http://www.cssispoetry.com'); ?>/wp-admin/profile.php"><?php echo $user_identity; ?></a>. <a href="<?php echo get_option('http://www.cssispoetry.com'); ?>/wp-login.php?action=logout" title="Log out of this account">Logout &raquo;</a></p>

<p><input type="text" name="author" id="author" value="<?php echo $comment_author; ?>" size="22" tabindex="1" />

<label for="author"><small>Name <?php if ($req) echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p>

<p><input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="<?php echo $comment_author_email; ?>" size="22" tabindex="2" />

<label for="email"><small>Mail (will not be published) <?php if ($req) echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p>

<p><input type="text" name="url" id="url" value="<?php echo $comment_author_url; ?>" size="22" tabindex="3" />

<label for="url"><small>Website</small></label></p>

<?php endif; ?>

<!--<p><small><strong>XHTML:</strong> You can use these tags: <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?></small></p>-->

<p><textarea name="comment" id="comment" cols="100%" rows="10" tabindex="4"></textarea></p>

<p>Allowed HTML tags: <a> <em> <strong> <cite> <ul> <ol>  <u></p>

<p>Lines and paragraphs break automatically.</p>

<p><input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" tabindex="5" value="Submit" />

<input type="hidden" name="comment_post_ID" value="<?php echo $id; ?>" />


<?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>


<?php endif; // If registration required and not logged in ?>

<?php endif; // if you delete this the sky will fall on your head ?>

For some reason my comments are not working correctly within in my blog. I was wondering, if anyone could help me out? I think it’s just a simple problem that’s not making the comments to work, but I cant figure out what’s wrong?


The code above is my comments.php file.

If you try posting a comment you will see what I mean.

It says this file is missing: wp-comments-post.php Is that file in the root WP directory?

Yes, it’s in the root directory.

Hi Blake,
You are not using get_option() correctly. See its codex. You are saying: get_option(‘http://www.cssispoetry.com’), I think you want to use get_option(‘siteurl’) instead.

I tried doing that and I made it back to normal. It still doesn’t work. =((

Wowww! I am retarted. I got my comment’s to work. I accidently disabled the option for comments. They work now. :slight_smile:

Your blog is in: http://www.cssispoetry.com/[I]codeblog[/I]/ yet the get_option(s) in that file are looking for it in the root: http://www.cssispoetry.com/[I]wp-comments-post.php[/I] change this (and the others) to:

<form action="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">

as mentioned above (make sure to change all of them) or

<form action="<?php echo get_option('http://www.cssispoetry.com/codeblog'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform">