WordPress Code Problem

This problem has just surfaced today if you go to my theme here. You’ll notice something that I hope can get fixed today, I don’t know if the cause of it is I’ve been trying out some new plug-ins for wordpress, it was working fine the other day. The list at the side is not confined within the box as it should be ?

Well, because it is such a short quick problem that was solved quickly I thought might as well delete it, but then again if someone is in panic mode over a little problem this thread might be the answer to solve there problem just as quick :slight_smile: The problem was a wordpress add-on that I suppose conflicted with the theme, I’ll just find another alternative :slight_smile:

Threads don’t get deleted just because you solved your problem :slight_smile:
Why don’t you tell us how you solved it, it might help someone else with the same kind of problem.

Solved, now I’d like to delete this thread.

If you think it might be the plugins, try disabling them.