Wordpress Cloning

I need advice - What plugin mus I use to cone my wordpress website to move it to another server.

Regards Gerald :rolleyes:

If you want to move your Wordpress website on another server then i have shared a link below where you can get complete details about it.

The easiest approach I’ve found:

  1. copy & paste all the wordpress files on the server.
  2. export & import the MySQL database
  3. Using phpmysql, do a search & replace for your old domain name and replace it with your new domain name.

I’ve noticed that many plugins that claim to help with migration tend to miss various places where the old domain is stored.

You don’t need to clone it, you can just copy the files to a new server and that’s it.

Not quite–you’ll also need the database in addition to the files.

Not forgetting, of course, step 1b - Edit your wp-config.php file and update the DB details :slight_smile: