Wordpress Category Page not Indexxed


I have been running a WordPress Blog: https;//sghomeinvestment.com for more than 2 years.

The other day, I tried to create a new Category for my post. However, after I have created it and I view the page, there is a message at the bottom “NOT FOUND”.

I copied the URL and went to Google Search Console and do a URL inspection and requested it to be indexed. However, Google said there are errors becos it was set to “NOINDEX”.

I have not done this and previously, I have no issues creating my Category pages for my posts.

Hope someone can enlighten me how to solve this issue.


I already have a Google Search Console account.

And I dont have duplicate content.

Is your version of WordPress current and all your plugins up-to-date?

Check your Website Robots File and Correct it with the help of a developer.

which seo plugin did you use on your website?

Hello, you should check at the bottom part of your category page. Check your favorite plugin for Seo (rank math, All in One Seo, Yast Seo,…) and go to advanced settings. You have to set your parameters so as to authorize the indexing for the Search engine…