WordPress Category Name Change

Hi everyone.

I am a wordpress amateur - but I am stuck on what to do about this one

I have to rename some of my category names (for seo purposes) but when I do this, all links to those categories stop working obviously.

I have setup my blog so you can view the categories/subcategories and displays all the posts in those categories.

e.g. this link http://www.mysite.com.au/category/parent-category-name/child-category-name/ would display a page containing all the summaries from posts in that category.

So my question is, if i rename a category, how can i make sure all links to that category are redirected. Is it htaccess?

e.g how would i redirect http://www.mysite.com.au/category/parent-category-name/child-category-name/ to http://www.mysite.com.au/category/parent-category-name/new-child-category-name/


Hi Mitcho, I’ve used a plugin that automatically redirected old urls to new urls. Check out this cool plugin that should be what you need.

i am not entirely sure this will work. it is not a posts url i want to redirect, but a category pages url

Just keep on posting your blog.

Dylan, I dont get your response. anyway im using htaccess now

check the database setting, every time you change the category name, will be different database config. the number is sequence will be 1,2,3,4,5, and so on. you can change the wordpress theme to fix the problem, or redirect.
redirect is easy, but I highly suggest change the wordpress theme.
new wordpres no such problem, only only old one or custom theme.

thanks but unnecessary. used htaccess instead.