Wordpress Book?

the CODEX at Wordpress.org is very comprehensive but can anyone recommend a PAPER book - its much easier to read than a screen !

The one by sitepoint is a bit too far advanced at the moment for me

thanks :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: hi there, check out “How To Be a Rockstar Wordpress Designer” http://rockablepress.com/books/rockstar-wordpress-designer/

Hope this one helps. It’s an amazing book for newbie

It’s an ebook :slight_smile: However he still can print it out

thanks guys
any more ?

I like Professional Wordpress Design and Development by Hal Stern, Wrox publishing.

aha that one is new isn’t it ? doesn’t have any reviews yet on amazon…

Yes, it is new and has lots of useful information that is easy to understand and not disjointed like the Codex. I think it is worth buying.

are you the author ?!

No. Just a WordPress blogger.

Are we forgetting that the guys who run this site have a book called wicked wordpress design lol. Its pretty good.