Wordpress Blog Optimizaiton?

Can i optimize wordpress’s blog like a website?

In terms of SEO, speed, etc etc? You need to say what you are optimzing for

Wordpress is very customizable. You can do whatever you want. In terms of SEO lots of plugins that do optimization.


yes you can optimize your wordpress blog. can i help you

Yes it is as simple as optimizing a website. You can optimize a wordpress blog and can earn good online through banner advertising.

Yes, you can optimize Wordpress blog. if you are using fresh content and regularly updating your blog then it will help to optimize your website very fast.


How would you optimize a web site?

Provide those details and we can better tell you if it can be done in your WordPress blog.

Do you mean Search Engine optimization or loading time optimization etc?

Yes you can optimzie your WordPress Blog Just like any other website as it is a website itself. If SEO, you can install necessary plugins. You can also boost the load time using plugins meant for Cache Optimization.

There is everything you need in wordpress for site optimization.

To the OP:

Wordpress is highly customizable and flexible, there are tons of ways to personalize your blog, if you mean SEO to get higher rankings in search engines, try downloading plugin Platinum SEO for Wordpress, it does some of the time consuming tasks automatically.