Wordpress as an auction site

Hello everyone,

I need some advice and pointers.

I would like to start a semi-auction site that is business to user where I will submit certain items for auction on my website and users will bid on the item.

  1. Users will need to be registered to view the auction
  2. No payments will be transacted, when bid is won I will contact the bidder manually to sort out the details
  3. All items will be submitted by myself, users can’t submit item for auction they can only bid.

I’ve decided to go with Wordpress as the management system but I can’t decide on which plugin to use as there’s quite a few in the market such as Prospress, wp auction, auction press, AuctionPlugin etc.

Also aside from the auction, I’ll need a product listing page as well. Functions is pretty standard, just couple of images and information. Is there a plugin for this as well? Ideally something that is easy to use and operate since my colleague is not entirely savvy on web stuff.

I run a car dealer and auction business.

Hope you guys can advice me on which plugin will be best or suggest me other alternative plugins (ideally in wordpress platform), the functions that I require is pretty basic.


I think you can go for word press because here you not need any transaction on your website and there is not a typical security issues.