Wordpress advice Needed. Add Related Posts to Pages Using Tags/categories?

I’m attempting to add a related posts type section to my wordpress Pages. I would like some feedback on what is the best/ straightforward method for doing this. I have been reviewing info on plugins/widgets but I’m uncertain of what would work best. I would like it to be customizable for each individual page using tags or categories from posts. Is this even possible? I’m using the Thesis Theme. For example if I post a product review on a particular product I would like it to be automatically listed or embedded (with a link and some descriptive content) to a particular page or pages based on what tag or category I assigned to the new post. I have posted this question on both the thesis and wordpress forums with no replies.I have read that java script is not a good choice because search engines will only see the a link and not the new content.:shifty:

Make manual link is the best solution to that or choose a wordpress plugin something like offpage seo or on page seo…

I not sure if i understand you… Are you saying: you want to post a review into a POST and automatically it will be embedded as a link of excerpt to your PAGE… am I right?

I think there is a way to that if I’m correct but I haven’t encountered it yet the best thing you should Do is to make a manual link on your page each time you create a new post. There is a plugin (which I forgot the name) that each time you post the it creates a link to each post the related to you page check my site to see what I am talking about EPIC TRAFFIC SYSTEMS.

Each tags the related to the post title that can be found on page is link to it… hope that can help…

Hi hoffman7, welcome to the forums,

Just to be clear, what you would like to do is for example have blog posts in categories “product reviews”, “new products”, “old products”. But instead of having excerpts of the posts show in a sidebar or in “category archives” have them in pages instead?

I’m too busy to try it myself right now, but you could try putting these into a page to see what you get.

<?php wp_list_categories('title_li=&show_count=0&hierarchical=1') ?> 

or maybe something like

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
<?php the_excerpt( 'Read More <span class="meta-nav">&raquo;</span>') ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

with any other hooks and mark-up you might want. Looking at some of your theme’s files should give you some ideas.


Yes, that is exactly what I’m attempting to work out. Any ideas?