Wordpress Advice for a Restaurant website

We have a client who want’s to convert their site to wordpress. I’ve already got the ball rolling but I’m unsure how to tackle the interior pages. Here is the site:

Welcome Mixers Lounge - Reserve Your Table (661) 750-2MIX

This is the non-wordpress site. You will notice that the interior pages has different background and each page has a sort of MAIN top area with text and graphics. Then below that are individual items sort of like posts.

Events at Mixers Lounge - Reserve Your Table (661) 750-2MIX
About Mixers Lounge - Reserve Your Table (661) 750-2MIX
Mixers Lounge in the News / Media /Press - Reserve Your Table (661) 750-2MIX

In terms of wordpress, and creating the theme (templates) what is the best way to tackle this? Are there any recommended plugins? Just unsure on how I should handle the interior pages.


You don’t need anything custom, just make page templates for the different pages. All the templates will include the header/footer, and the page templates will contain the unique parts of the page’s design, like the different background images.

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You can also check out Theme Force - Premium WordPress Restaurant Themes, Pub Themes and more , those are restaurant wordpress themes, use one as a foundation.

This is BS just to get some page views in for your hosting signature. He doesn’t need the definition of the word WordPress and already has a designed website. Shame on you.

No hosting plan will code a custom website for you or convert an existing website to use a different platform. Only a human being can do that.

Thanks Dan. I’ve been making different page templates for the different background and so far it’s been working out really well. I think WP is excellent for non blog sites. The client want’s an easy way to modify page content. In terms of ease of use for a client, WP is the way to go.


According to my experience, wordpress is best for one thing and that is blogging. it is made for that purpose only.

That’s wholly untrue.

wordpress can now be used for many things, blooging indeed but the community around wordpress is now huge and any kind of website can be made using this platform.

As said by Dan, every pages can be custom.

@halestorm, why don’t you ask your client for new features on his website like sliders on each pages and stuff that could work with shortcodes, so easy for them to change around