WordPress 3.0 just Released - Your Fav Feature?

personally i’ve been waiting or WordPress 3.0 for some time now, what’s your favourite feature from the new version?

my fav is the intergration of WordPress MU called multisite and the cleaner interface :smiley:


I have Joomla on a site that I put up but never really developed much. I am trying to get an idea of what Joomla can do that Wordpress can’t.

It has been for a long time. 2.x was perfectly suited to a basic CMS.

I saw the video about Wordpress 3 on the Wordpress site. I have not tried it yet. I’m still using Wordpress 2.x.x. It looks to me like Wordpress is becoming more of a content management system than a simple blogging platform. Anyone else think the same thing?

Right now I am debating whether to use Joomla or Wordpress 3 for a site. Maybe someone can provide some input?

Every time my very competent web developer updates a plug-in, something else breaks and sometimes it costs me hundreds of dollars to have them fixed; and some can’t even be fixed completely. So you can see why I’m in no rush to upgrade to WP 3.0: I can see lots of the plug-ins going haywire.

I’m certainly not complaining about spending money but there are other areas I want improved rather than fixing plug-ins. I think for a site owner like me, it’s better to wait until 3.0 and associated plug-ins get the bugs worked out.

Isn’t the old adage true: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?

You are correct, but with WordPress it’s about Security past version were the most unreliable for security lets hope we don’t have to upgrade as often.

I’m hesitant to have my web developer upgrade my site to WordPress 3. I’m using v 2.9.2. Almost every time a plug-in is updated, another plug-in stops functioning and I’ve spent considerable money having them fixed, and not all can be fixed; not to mention my own time checking out the site.

Isn’t the old adage true: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?

For now, anyway, there are much more important areas where I want to spend money improving my website.

Got to love the new dashboard with a link to check the “Updates” available.

Menus and the custom page types (when I learn how to use them :slight_smile: )

As much as i like the new version, it’s always been my policy to upgrade a little later, a.k.a WordPress 3.0.1, especially on big established sites that had customization done.

Currently i only use WP 3.0 on new sites.

Upgrading for Security reasons is probably my only reason. As for all the bells and whistles I don’t see much of a difference whatever is new maybe I over look and someone will point them out to me and even then I’ll be skeptical :slight_smile:

Always smart to play it safe if you’ve got older templates you need to make sure it’s playing nice with. I’ve just installed this on a new site so far, but need to check compatibility with some older templates myself.

any issues with wp 3.0 as of yet? What about with older templates on wordpress… i know there are tons of them… but any of you had issues so far? Just I am concerned about upgrading… i figure if it aint broke then don’t fix it. But for security reasons I am willing to upgrade.

Haven’t explored it yet. I’d love to try out this multi-site feature.

I didn’t notice a difference !

Just what I was looking for Dan - thank you!

I like the new dashboard, creation of meanus and the way we can feature an image in each of our post.

I’m liking the new default theme and the custom post types as Dan mentioned.

Dan - have you seen any good resources for someone trying to get their head around and get started with custom post types? I love the idea of using something like this for real estate listings etc…but good tutorials are hard to find at the moment.



Check out this blog, he’s got some examples –

For me it’s that they finished the UI for custom post types. There’s no longer a need to programmatically rearrange the “edit post” screen to do something similar, now you can register new types of content and define their UI elements and URL structures very simply, and WordPress creates the whole admin interface for it. I’ll be using that feature this week.