Wording for can you do a website (donate)

Need some help getting some ideas on what to put in an email. Every now and then I get requests from people for a nonprofit website. Yes I do a few, ones I support or a good customer asks. But how about the requests from those (how to describe?) I know they use someone else for their business webistes, they are not asking about using me for their business website, they just want me to donate my time to their nonprofit.

I have been giving them a quote as if it is a normal site. But I am wondering if I can add a couple lines, some I appreciate you are donating your time and money to this non profit but I am not going to do it for free?

Especially as these same people when asked who does their business website gives their business website (not the person who donated time to the nonprofits) name.

Given you already support some non-profit sites, you could add that in your email.

For example: “Thank you for offering me the opportunity to contribute to your nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, I’m already committed to supporting and working with a few nonprofit organizations on a voluntary basis, thus am currently not in a position to take on another nonprofit project without monetary compensation.”

Well, of course you’d write it in proper English, but that’s the gist of the message I’d write.

Non-Profits usually pay for goods and services just like everyone else does. It’s not a problem to charge them for your services seeing you are already doin stuff for free.

I guess there’s always some organization trying to con people out of free goods / services by going around asking everybody for free stuff.