WooThemes Framework Heist

So I’m reading the last chapter of sitepoint’s book: Wicked WordPress Themes and Jeffery Way is talking about the GPL license. Basically at one point it suggest that any PHP that is distributed with WordPress themes is GPL territory because it hooks into WordPress…

So, hypothetically, one could take the Woo Themes Framework, make changes and customize it to their own needs, re brand it and make it their own?

Don’t call me a thief or anything I’m just inquiring. The whole area of GPL and themes is cloudy, considering WordPress is free and companies turn around and make millions basically reselling it packaged with some CSS and Images.

I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to this, I don’t fully understand the GPL thing. But I am working on my own GPL WordPress framework so it would be nice to know if I could use other bits and pieces. Having said that I find the woothemes stuff is good for developers but it’s just too complicated for the average user, too many options. My framework will be a whole lot simpler I hope.

I’d love to get an answer too