Woocommerce Storefront Theme CSS White Text Issue

I’m using the Woocommerce Storefront Theme. I’ve changed the background to black and text to white. Now inside the shopping cart during Checkout, when filling out one’s address, the user needs to pull down to the U. S. state they are in. The text is white and the background is white. I would like the text to be black in this area only. I’m assuming this is a CSS issue. How do I change this?

Hi @info2382, it would really help if you could post some code or a link to the site so we could have a look. It is certainly a CSS issue but we cannot help you without knowing how your code looks like… Ideally you would be able to post the relevant HTML and perhaps a screenshot of the site if you cannot send us a link.

Many thanks

Sure, here it is: https://photoartbykevin.com/checkout/

What you need to do to replicate the issue is:

  1. Add any product to the Cart
  2. View Cart
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Pull down on the State dropdown box

I must say it was a little tricky since the drop-downs are custom controls and they behave somewhat magically. Here’s the CSS that will do the job:

li[role="option"] {
  color: black;

Andres_Vaquero you are awesome! Thank you so much, that did the trick! I really appreciate your knowledge and effort. :smile:

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