Woocommerce Storefront Theme CSS Issue Where DO I Post

Hello All, I’m having an issue with my Woocommerce Storefront theme in regard to some white text displaying on a white background I want to change in the checkout area. I think this is a CSS issue. Do I post in the Wordpress area of this board or the CSS area? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums, @info2382.

I see you’ve already posted your question in HTML & CSS, which looks like the right place to me.

We can always move it at a later stage, if need be. :slight_smile:

It can be a bit confusing deciding which category to post a topic in. Many times a topic could fit in several.

Assuming the text and background are not an image, it would most likely be a CSS issue, unless the cause is a bug with WordPress (or woocommerce).

When in doubt, post the topic in the category that seems best, based on what you think the topic is “mostly about”. You can also add Tags as a way of cross-referencing any “less about”. If during the discussion it becomes apparent that a different category would be more appropriate the topic can be moved to that category.


Thank you TechnoBear, much appreciated!

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Thank you Mittineague, that is helpful.

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