Woocommerce error (adding new attribute failed)

while trying add new product / edit existing product. when click on edit/add new button i get

adding new attribute failed

pop-up warning, i have reinstall woocommerce / disable all plugins expect woocomerce / tried with different themes but still i get this warning every time i try to edit/add product. What could be the reason for this warning / error

To resolve the “adding new attribute failed” error in WooCommerce when editing or adding products, you can try the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. Verify that your server meets the minimum requirements for WooCommerce.
  3. Disable all plugins except WooCommerce to check for conflicts.
  4. Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme.
  5. Enable WordPress debugging for more detailed error messages.
  6. Check your server’s error logs for specific error messages.
  7. Reinstall WooCommerce after backing up your website and database.

If the issue persists, seek support from WooCommerce community forums or consult a WordPress developer for further assistance.

as i have already mention most things above already have given try to these things but it not working seems to be issues/bug with in latest version

The “adding new attribute failed” warning in woocommerce could indicate an issue with the product attribute system. Check if you have any custom codes or plugins that modify product attributes. Also, verify if there are any conflicts between plugins or if your WordPress database is corrupted. Consider restoring a backup or contacting WooCommerce support for further assistance in troubleshooting this error.

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Did you check the memory limit of your hosting service. Dash your transient or upgrade your memory limit for your Database.

its there bug on woocommerce 7.8.0. waiting to be fixed

memory limit is 1gb, im on premium hosting, memory limit or any hosting related couldnt be issues at all

The following worked for me:
Get in your WP dashboard, go to woocommerce, settings, advanced, then select the
characteristics (the last sub tab) it probably says something else in English, I have another language.
Then disable WooCommerce analytics. Solved this issue for me.

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