Wonky things with site

This WordPress website is acting very funny. Client emailed and said she received an email saying her site “isn’t working”. She then tried to login herself and she can’t login nor can she see the images (to the left of each class) on the Classes page.

I tested this and I am able to see the images and login on my desktop but not my laptop. My laptop is having a bunch of issues though so I can’t trust it. Bringing it to the shop tomorrow.

The login issue is an ongoing issue on this site for her with her laptop. She got it fixed and then stopped having problems but now that we changed hosts she’s having problems again. I don’t know what else to do or what the problem is.

  • Can you go to this website with your desktop and your laptop and tell me if you can see the images on the Classes page?

  • And can you click the login link on the top right and get the login screen?

  • Also, at the bottom of the homepage, do you see the “Sign up now for the LIVE Certification Course, Level One 2017” course with photo to the left of the newsletter sign up? I keep seeing this but then before that I saw the old class that was there. It’s supposed to be the “Sign up now for the LIVE Certification Course, Level One 2017”.

Thank you so much in advance!

I’m not seeing any of the images. Are you sure when you moved the site, that you replaced all the urls in the database with the new ones?

I don’t get the login screen on most of the pages, but strangely enough, when I am on the signup page, the login link works and shows me the login screen. I don’t know what to suggest there.

I think I’m seeing the old class - “Stones for Sleep”.

Quite a few images and scripts are getting blocked because of mixed content, which would obviously break the page. Maybe you have just disabled mixed content blocking on some of your browsers for development? Anyway, you should still see warnings in the console and network panel…

Thanks for your reply! Can you check again? We think it was the cache plugin we are using to make the site faster. We reset it. Would you mind checking one more time?

We just changed the site from http to https. I think this was a cache problem too. Would you mind checking again? We reset the cache plugin. Hoping that worked.

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