Wondering why i don't get the "menu" options in the wp admin panel

sorry. realize some of this questions are probab very newby questions.
But Idon’t get the “menu” options in the wp admin panel that is on the left hand side (w/the posts/media/tools/etc…choices)
is there a get_menu for that?

Menus can be made and altered by going to Appearance>Menus. Assign where the menu will go in the Theme Locations Box, add pages or categories using the search boxes. As the appear on the right hand side you can drag and drop into the order you’re after. Save Menu.

Slackr thx. Actually I meant the “Menus” that is under “Widgets” & above “Editor” in the Appearance section.
It finally showed up.
My new fight is w/the dynamic sidebar.
I made a new post for it.
it shows up in the widgets sections, I can add widgets to it. but it won’t show on the actual page…