Wondering if its possible to create a site where visitors can upload img & write text?

Hey there! I’d really appreciate your help here. I am going to create a webpage for a junior basketball team. The main purpose of this page is for the parents and the children of the team to be able to go to the site and see which parents belong to which child. It’s also a way for the parents to become a little familiar with each other. So, there’s going to be pictures of everyone, and lines between children and their parents. I’m also going to have some text (Name and a Fun fact) next to the picture of each parent.

Here’s the question: Best case here if there was a way for the parents themselves to upload their picture and enter their Fun fact. My initial thought was that I can create a free Wix Site, and then send instructions to the parents as to how to log into the site and upload the picture + enter their Fun fact. But it would be nice if there was an easier solution, where they could just go to the site and click “Upload” for the image, and enter some text into a field for their Fun fact. Do you think it’s possible?

A million thank you. :slight_smile:

(P.S. Having them e-mail me everything isn’t a viable option as the issue will re-occur in the future; hence it would be nice with the aforementioned solution.)

It is certainly possible.
Such a site would require server-side scripting and a database system which is quite a common set up for many sites.
You would need some level of security with a “member” system so not just anyone can upload and post things.
How you would go about this would depend on your abilities to create it yourself, budget to pay someone else who can, or finding a suitable CMS solution. Those are the tree options.

There are already apps and websites for this.

  1. Teamsnap
  2. Hudl

If you want to create your own, use these as a guide. They’ve done a great job with connecting both players and parents.

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