Wodpress not retaining text formatting

is this normalish?
I format the test of a wp post or page. adding breaks, paragraph tags…they don’t take. It looks like they do but when i got to see the page they didn’t take…

[FONT=Georgia]Yeah, that sounds like it could be normal Wordpress behavior.

I’m not sure, but it seems that Wordpress filters out <p> and <br> tags from TinyMCE in the wp-admin area, and then re-applies them via the Wordpress ‘Loop’ in the front end.

Some years ago, before I learnt how to use Wordpress’s wp_query to display content on the front end, I used to try to directly load the articles using my existing PHP/MySQL knowledge. So I installed a Wordpress plugin called PS Disable Autoformatting to get around Wordpress’s tag-stripping behavior.

I’ve discovered though that the wp_query Loop isn’t all that bad after all. Very convenient to use their native syntax to connect to the database, and didn’t take as long as I thought to learn.[/FONT]

Thank you Shaun.