Without adsense did a website get earnings?or not

a website which has 1000 visitors per day,will they get money without any ads in their website?

A site can’t make money simply by existing. If you want to earn from it, then you need to employ some method to do that, whether it’s ads on the site, affiliate links, e-commerce or simply using it to drive business to a bricks-and-mortar business.

They will if they are selling stuff or receiving donations.

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thank you for responding.but i found at some where that for every 1000 avg page views we will get 1$ like that.not exact idea.is n’t right?

Perhaps they meant that it requires, on average, 1,000 page views for every $1 you earn from a site (by ads or whatever method)? I really don’t know.

But you can’t earn $1 simply for getting 1,000 page views. For a start, who would pay that $1?

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