Wireframing tools - 'sticky guide' feature question


I am looking to do some wireframing / rapid-prototyping of a user-interface i’m working on. I’ve been using adobe illustrator though i know that’s not really the best tool for this task. However, as I started to download and try out programs, I’m having difficulty finding one that has the feature set I want. I was wondering if anyone in the community could help me out. Presumably others have faced (and will face) this same issue.

There is one specific feature that would save me a lot of time that I don’t know where to find. Illustrator uses ‘guides’ to allow you to auto-align a bunch of objects to a common horizontal or vertical line. What I would really like is the ability to stretch the boxes with edges that are aligned to those guides by dragging the guides. Hence, many boxes could be resized on the wireframe at once by dragging the guides that define a vertical or horizontal line that the boxes all share. This should ideally be doable across multiple layers or groups of layers, so that different parts of the site all stay aligned when dragging the guides around. This would save me a ton of work in iteratively tweaking the real-estate given to various areas of the site.

Does anyone know of any wireframing tools that support this feature? It seems to me like a blazingly obvious and useful thing to support, but I haven’t found it, probably in part because I am not sure where to look. To the best of my knowledge, Illustrator doesn’t do this, and I haven’t yet found any programs that do.

FWIW I don’t care about html output, collaboration, or a lot of the other features that are usually prominently advertised in feature-lists. I do appreciate the ability to create nested groups of objects, and to easily create equal-spaced alignments, but these seem pretty standard. I don’t need to be able to deal with tons of different object-types – all I really need are rectangles and text. (And the text is just for getting a feel for space.) It’s just a wireframe. :stuck_out_tongue: Okay maybe inserting images would be nice, but it’s definitely lower on the list. The one feature I described above is definitely the main one I want.

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I’m not too sure to be honest on the feature you are looking for, however the most powerful product for wireframing I’ve ever come across (and it does support a heck of a lot of functionality) is the (quite expensive) Axure RP Pro. I’m not sure if you’ve come across it before but it may be worth examining for your needs. :slight_smile:

Other than that (which I think does support control position snapping), it would likely be ConceptDraw: