Wireframe software?

i am looking for a good wireframe software,which can draw lots of pages and view all the pages in hierarchy , hope your can recommend me one. thank you.

Well I know a few people who use ConceptDraw and there’s some online hosted solutions like Gliffy (or a free offline one like the Pencil project). :slight_smile:

Any other recommendation?

anyone knows?

Have you tried Axure RP Pro? I’m pretty darn sure it supports what you want - though it’s not a cheap product. :slight_smile:

Not sure if the is the kind of wireframing you are talking about, but you might check out Denim, a free program from, I believe, the team that authors The Design of Sites.

I’m not sure is that precisely what u’re looking for, but I use LabWireframe and the results are pretty good

do you mean wireframing as in creating mockups? try balsamiq or omnigraffle