Windows xp is going to be deactive

micrsoft has decided to close their one of the most famous operating system windows update wil be availiable for xp. so i think its the better time to go to window 7 from xp.what do you think?:nono:

You mean Windows 8.1

There’s no point in upgrading from a version at the end of its life to one that is already over half way through its life.

Support for Windows XP will be discontinued in April 2014. So yes, that means no more security updates or bug fixes from Microsoft.

Frankly, Windows 8 is a mess, and there are plenty of people who are unhappy with it. In fact, the user community twisted Microsoft’s arm to release an update (Windows 8.1) to address many of the complaints. Just to make it usable. Windows 8 is designed to look and operate like a mobile OS, rather than a desktop OS.

Is Windows 7 still viable? Yep.

Security updates and bug fixes will be released for Windows 7 until January 2020–a little over 6 years form now.

I don’t intend to switch from Windows 7 until the successor to Windows 8 comes out–if it’s any good. But by then, it might be time to switch to abandon Windows altogether unless Microsoft gets its act together.

Anyway, the point is Windows 7 is still a usable operating system that has years ahead of it.

When I bought a new computer three months ago I ordered it with Windows 7. There was no way I was going to be stuck with that Windows 8 tablet wannabe piece of garbage. It cost $30 more to get Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 and I consider it worth it. I read nothing but bad reviews of Windows 8 on the Dell boards and I don’t think the 8.1 update is going to come close to providing the functionality that people have come to expect from their desktop work computers. I haven’t actually used 8.1 but read extensively about it before deciding to get Windows 7.

One thing I hate about Microsoft is how they are refusing to support older versions of their old operating systems to drive sales of their newer releases. Visual Studio is not supported on Vista. So if you were using Vista you had no option but to move to Windows 7 when the newer version of Visual Studio came out. I expect Microsoft will do the same thing when their next OS is released so even though I have a one version old operating system with 7, at least I should have 2 years of productive functionality which is not something I can say about Windows 8.

Windows 7 is really nice. I used Windows XP for 10 years. If it wasn’t for Microsoft refusing to support their older OSes to drive sales of newer versions, I would expect to get 10 years out of Windows 7 as well.

Then you really won’t like how Apple does things with their OS releases. They only support the current version is and the previous version. Considering that they do a release every year, an OS is only supported for 3-year cycle.