Windows Safari Positioning: transform:translate

I’m using transform: translate on this page within the slider to center position the text. Chrome/FF/IE (latest browser versions) for Windows 7 seems to be cooperative, but Safari doesn’t. The text in Safari is pushed to the right, left aligned, with the right side of the text cut off.

Plus, Safari doesn’t seem to translate fonts well (that’s what I’ve heard), so is there a better way to display the fonts I’m using? Or just use cascading fonts and hope for the best?

Windows Safari?

Windows Safari is two feet under. Apple has no plans to continue supporting this browser and have stopped developing it. It’s out the door. You have a fish line on it though trying to reel it in :wink: .

It’s been years since the last Safari was released. The user base is slim. I’d say drop it. Most have.

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Thanks, RyanReese. Good to know I don’t have to worry about it.

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