Windows Phone 7 stopped syncing with Facebook calendar

I’ve been using a Windows Phone 7 for a while and had it linked to my Facebook account so that it synchronised the calendar, and all my Facebook events automagically popped up on my phone calendar. That was working fine for ages and then suddenly it stopped. There was no warning or error message, I just noticed that new events weren’t being added, although anything that was already there has stayed. I don’t think I changed any settings on my phone or Facebook that would have affected this.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or am I on my own?

Hi Stevie D,

I have the same problem as you do. I’ve been working with my Nokia Lumia 710 for a long time now, and from day 1 the Facebook events showed up in my calendar.

One day they stopped appearing. I’ve tried many things, but I haven’t been able to solve this.

I tried:

  • Reinstalling the Facebook app.
  • Syncing the account.
  • Remove the Facebook account and add it again.
  • Reset to factory defaults (!).

I hope you’ve found a solution meanwhile, and if not, I hope someone else picks this up.

I have the exact same problem…doesn’t any other calendar apps does that job instead of the default calendar?
It seems I cannot find any…

Please help us…