Windows newbie: how to rm -rf "Apache Software Foundation"

I’m a linux guy. I’m trying to learn how to install Apache PHP Mysql on Windows XP
(XP is what I have). I have Apache up and running, along with a file system mess from several aborted installations. I want to delete everything and do it all again several times, in order to really learn the whole process.

Windows says “Access Denied” when I try to drag the Apache folder to the trash bin.
I tried a command prompt: attrib -r -h -s “Apache Software Foundation”
The apache process is still up and running.

I am windows illiterate. How do I kill the process? I poked around from a black window and tried to do apache -k stop, but probably from the wrong place. Got some error message.

How do I kill the apache process and then erase the whole thing and then re-install again iteratively, until I feel I really understand all the ins and outs?

httpd.exe is the Apache process. Apache typically runs as a NT service (Control Panel, Administration Tools, Services) and should probably be started and stopped that way. But you can also potentially kill it via Task Manager.

I’ve got Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed locally on my Windows computer using a “Portable Apps” approach on a second hard drive (separate internal hard drive from the drive my OS sits on). This allows me to migrate my applications to another computer very easily without changing the configuration settings. I’m trying to use as many Portable Applications and I’ve noticed that my computer is significantly faster because I have fewer “installed” applications. The box is fully booted up and logged in just under two minutes.

Thank you. That worked.

There are quite a few download sites, all with different instructions, some with differing target directories. I’m going to follow the cookbook steps at That (netbeans) is how I work on Linux.