Windows 95 is 20 years

Windows 95 is 20 years old august 24.
Since it is a 20-year celebration of Windows 95. A little challenge for you geeks out there. Get a Win95 computer up an running. It have to work on the internet, email client and an office package must be installed. Browser must work on facebook and youtube.

The tricky part of this little challenge is to use Win95 as your primary computer for a week.

Up for it ?? :smile:

Nope. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @Waalern, and welcome to the forums.

You seem to be very keen on this idea (I see you’ve made the same post on a number of forums), so maybe you could explain a bit more about what interests you here. What do you see as being the main issues in this challenge?

I can go back as far as XP and then I’m stuck - but I can probably find a copy of the Stones’ “Start Me Up”…

Is there a prize?

Braging rights. Having the only working win95 computer :wink:

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I still have a working computer that dual boots OS/2v4 and Windows NT4 - both of them almost contemporary with Windows 95 with the difference being that Windows 95 was basically still a DOS based system whereas both OS/2 and WinNT were derived from the replacement operating system that Microsoft created in 1987 (before they split with IBM) - the ninth Microsoft version of which is now called Windows 10.

I never used Windows 95/98/SE/ME having two far superior operating systems available.

The only reason Microsoft created Win 95 was to kill off OS/2 as more people were upgrading to that than to Win NT.

Bill Gates Windows 95 - Crash


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Win95 is 20 years today

I remember those days :smile:
My PC was too weak to run Win95 when it came out so I continued to use Win 3.11.
But I loved its new interface so much that I made a custom progman.exe (using Delphi 1) with these trendy taskbar and START-button things. All of my friends thought that I run Win95 after that and I was so proud

I think the local elementary school has old computers running Windows 95.

The schools used it here up until 2004. When I was a 13 year old, and I remember playing a browser game in the library at 2fps. Those were the days.

So what you’re telling me is that you were 8 when I started working in Riyadh! Now I feel old…


There, there.

Nah, you’re not old - it’s just that I’m fairly young :smile:

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I will be confuse again by the command use in windows 95. If I’m going to install it.

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