Windows 8 - First impressions

We’ve had the developer preview installed on the dusty computer in the corner at the office for close to a year. It has some cool novelty value, but the ‘metro’ part of the computer just doesn’t work for desktop and rarely gets used. I haven’t gotten to try it on a tablet, but I imagine it is a dramatically better experience.

I’ve just Window 8 on my laptop. I feel my laptop running very fast, stable. I enjoy it!

Windows 8 is something new for Windows users because its quite change as compare to Windows XP and windows 7 in interface.
Windows 8 user interface is wonderful as it is, with all its designs ans styles.

hey i have a personal experience with windows 8 its amazing it is faster than windows xp and windows 7 pls use windows 8 and take experience of it

Thank you all for your participation in this discussion, but it seems all has been said (more than once).
I’m closing this thread.