Windows 8.1 - Sublime Text 3 Help

I’m running Sublime Text 3 with Themr and SETI theme. Love the theme, however every now and then it seems to “crash” back to the default theme. Is anyone else having this same problem?

Also, I really like Sublime SFTP, it works great for editing files directly on the server. But say I want to upload a bunch of images. Can I do this somehow from within Sublime Text 3, sort of like how Coda works with a built in fully working FTP client? I would like to have drag & drop functionality.


An old version of Themr would reset the theme setting whenever Package Control upgraded the current theme. This was intended to prevent UI corruption but the communication to the user could have been better. Since Package Control 3.0 (released late December) this feature is built into Package Control which now resets the theme setting, upgrades the theme package, and re-enables the theme setting. It also prompts you to restart Sublime Text in case of UI corruption. Themr’s reset feature is now disabled by default and is only recommended for users of Package Control 2.0

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