Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard - fight!

I’ve been using Windows 7. I love Apple products yet I find myself strangely torn…

I’ve never used Snow Leopard, but Windows 7 is A-OK in my book. :tup: In my opinion, it’s the best Windows O.S. since 98SE. I’d throw XP in there too, but it looses points for looking like an O.S. designed by Fisher Price by default.

Yeah, snow leopard is getting more popular now but I doubt if it is any better than windows 7. Well, you have really nothing to lose if you just stick with your windows 7, is there?

These things never end well…Let the flame war commence!

In all serious now. Both are tools both have good points and bad points. Use what is comfortable and works for you because they are just tools to achieve a goal. There we go, my own opinion added. Have fun. (This covers everything, btw. Mac, Linux, Windows and any other systems out there.)

Woohoo. Flame War :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 7 and Snow Leopard both have big advantages. It’s hard to compare them!

This is an old topic, resurfaced but so is everything so I suppose no one should flame it. I don’t personally like Apple products, I would never get an iPhone, I probably would get a Windows Mobile phone or a BlackBerry but the BlackBerry commercials sorta annoy me so I’d probably get a Windows Mobile phone, I’d never get an iPad rather an BlackBerry PlayBook, to sum it up I’m anti-apple there products are innovative but just not ‘me’ I feel so comfortable when I see a PC, I can usually do basic tasks instantly, with a Mac sure the U.I is friendly but I find myself perplexed.

Don’t you mean Windows Phone? I don’t think they are updating or supplying Windows Mobile any more…other then old stock that is.

That’s what I mean, Windows Phone :slight_smile:

Windows 7. Hands down.

It will depend on your needs if some programs that you are using is not available in Leopard then you will have to stick with Windows 7. Or why not get both.