Windows 7 Home Premium Refurbished PC Activation Issue

Hi there

I’m not too sure if this is the correct section for this post so apologies if it is not.

I bought a refurbished PC recently and during the set-up I selected it as a Windows 7 Home Premium PC and entered the product key underneath the machine. This returned a message that is not a genuine copy.

It’s my understanding that I should have selected an option Windows 7 Home Premium Refurbished PC, however, it only allows for re-entering of the code now and the key pops up as being used before or similar message.

Is it possible to go online or select something in the computer settings that allows for Windows 7 Home Premium Refurbished PC to be selected and re-entering of the product key.

It’s ok if nobody has a quick fix for this. I was just hoping that maybe somebody may have come across the problem before and knew a solution.

Thanks anyway.

You used to be able to call Microsoft and they would sort it out for you. I haven’t done it in years though.

Just switch to Ubuntu and be happier. :smiley:

People actually still pay for Windows??? Who knew…

Excuse me sir, but true Nirvana is reached only through Fedora.

Although I will say Ubuntu is a close second for me…unlike most people, I love the Unity interface, especially when you install the classic menu addon :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

I just recently came back to Linux. Used Ubuntu for a couple years back around 2009/10ish and I used Mint for a few months a couple years ago.

First I went Mint and didn’t like Cinnamon. I know people love it, but I didn’t. I felt it was messy. Then I went to Ubuntu Gnome and freaking loved Gnome 3, but UbuntuGNOME is buggy as hell. Then I went to Fedora, which I gave a legit shot for 2 weeks before I switched to just straight Ubuntu (with Unity). I got sick of everything being special and different and having to work around almost problem with some backwoods hack or manual install. I finally got it up and running, but then I tried to install a steam game and realized they actually didn’t have full support for AMD gfx cards and that was the clincher.

I understand Linux well and have used it for years for at least 1 or 2 machines in my house and for my servers (Debian). But for my Desktop I don’t want to **** with it, I just want it to work. Ubuntu gives me that. I have had hardly any issues with Ubuntu since I installed it. I just wish I could get some non-buggy Gnome3 support. Gnome3 takes some getting used to at first, but once you get used to it you’re used to it and using multiple desktops, it really increases efficiency quite a bit. Unity is a lot like Gnome in a lot of ways, except it has terrible support for multi-desktops where Gnome’s whole philosophy revolves around them.

thanks for your suggestions so far.

I’m just wondering if there is a way of selecting an option to go back and select Windows 7 Home Premium Refurbished PC as the operating system in the settings and apply the activation code to that or if there’s another way to do this online, as I’d like to keep with the Windows 7 system.

There doesn’t seem to be telephone support to assist in this.

Thanks for the information so far.

I would go back to the vendor, it seems they have supplied you with a duff product, it should be up to them to sort it out…

Vendor didn’t necessarily supply a ‘duff product’; OP admitted (possibly) choosing the wrong option during set-up (as OP understands it) and needs a mulligan to get the right choice for the key supplied by vendor. Vendor might possibly be able to reverse it, or re-image the system to start set-up, again.

This had happened to be couple of times. Weren’t you prompted with 800 number? I’ve always called and they sorted out under 10 minutes.