Windows 7 downgrade or other solution?

Hello there

A friend asked to format his computer and reinstall his Windows 7. I got his product ID and his Product key from Windows 7 Home Premium, only problem is: he didn’t have the cd anymore.
I still got an image from Windows 7 professional and tried it that way.
Off course everything installed fine, and Windows 7 was installed perfectly. Just the activation needed… Offcourse the cd-key from Home didn’t work on the Professional version.
So I was wondering what to do next?
Is it possible to downgrade to Home, and how?
Do I really need to go and contact Dell (laptop is a 1558 from Dell) to send me a new cd and bla bla, and take the costs :(?
Do I really need to go and search for an crack :(?

Any other options?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

You don’t need a crack since you already have a valid activation code. All you need is a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

So all you need to do is to find someone who did create the CD as they were supposed to when they first purchased their system with the OS preinstalled (or someone who has that OS installed who you can now get to create two copies of the CD instead of one so that they have the copy they should have and you have one for the computer where it needs reinstalling).

Put the CD onto a thumbdrive (plenty of instructions on how to do so online) and delete the ef.cfg file. Every Windows DVD contains every single edition of Windows, they are just hidden because of the ef.cfg file.

Find on the internet an All in One Windows 7 ISO, and Download It. It contains all edition of Windows 7 From Home to Ultimate. Install the Home version and use your CD Key.