Windows 10 Update Problems

I have Windows10 update issues. Hopefully, this is the correct category. I set the update and restart to occur during non-active hours. But it doesn’t work. The operating system is installed on an internal SSD. There is also an internal HDD. I’ve been told that it doesn’t work because I also have an external HDD attached. If this is true, is there a work around? Thanks.

Detach the external drive until the update has finished?

I have an external drive attached and have never had an issue with a Win10 update…

Yes, I could do that, but I am hoping for a better solution.

Do you suspect a different cause then?

I doubt it’s a connected external drive but I’ve been wrong before. I did a quick search and can’t find any similar issues. Closest I found was the MS site telling you to disconnect any external devices, but that’s SOP instructions, and also typically includes printers, scanners, etc. and is just trying to mitigate possible driver issues.

Do you have any other “off-hour” activities scheduled for when you setup the update to run? Like an automated backup or something? Perhaps that could cause it…

… run the update yourself, rather than waiting for the scheduler?

No other activities I know of.

I once had a problem getting an update. It was initially an automatic update that did not work. I posted a question in Microsoft Answers (also called Microsoft Community). Someone tried to help. He had me do many things and nothing worked. So I asked if having Windows 8 in a non-C drive would be a problem. I asked in a separate thread and someone criticized me for asking in a separate thread and merged my second question into the first. Yet they did not answer the question. I began getting attacked by other members; it was ugly. They never solved the problem. At the same time, Windows Update continued to try to do the update. Finally the update worked in an automatically run update. I am not sure of the details of how that happened.

You probably must just let the Microsoft technicians work on the problem remotely (through Windows Update). Unless you want to pay them money you are unlikely to be able to talk with them directly. Of course if you can call for free support then try that.

Look for any messages, such as in the system events, that might help but in my case I found nothing.

As far as things such as external hard drives, Windows supports that. You should not have to disconnect them. But why not? That seems easy enough to do.

One of many things that was suggested for me was to ensure all the drivers were current. There are utilities that can help with that. You should look for a utility from Microsoft that can analyze all the installed drivers.

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Update:Windows goes into update mode 2-3 times a week. Is this normal?

What do you mean by “update mode”? Windows will check for updates daily.

It starts updating 2-3 times a week. Each time it means the computer can’t be used for an hour or two.

What are your “active hours” set to?

Active hours are 11 am to midnight. But that never worked,

Microsoft has released the latest update before resolving a number of outstanding issues. But at least they now provide a more centralized location for getting update information. The home page (dashboard) can be found here and the specific page for the latest update can be found here.

That seems abnormal to me.

What does that mean? Why is it that it can’t be used? For me Windows 10 does all the updates when I do a shutdown (and the corresponding startup).

In Settings | Update & Security | Advanced Options I have the following turned settings. Do you also have them on?

  • Automatically download updates … : Off
  • We’ll show a reminder when we’re going to restart … : On

I do not know what the benefit is of those are and I do not remember why I changed them (if I did) but at least you can decide whether you want to use the same.

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