Windows 10 all shortcuts broken and names changed to "*.url"

I use Chrome as my desktop browser of choice, yesterday (21st) all my shortcuts to URLs had their names changed from (eg) “SiteName” to “SiteName.url” and the files all contain a bunch of text:


Which now means that they are all broken.
Sorry that this is not a development issue but the Microsoft forums are hopeless!

Note: This also occurs when I create a new shortcut. The shortcut has “.url” appended to it’s name and when activated just displays the text content.


AFAIK internet shortcuts always have the extension url. It sounds as though the extension is no longer associated with Chrome on your machine.

Thanks for the reply.
The shortcuts are associated with Chrome, they have the Chrome logo and are opened with Chrome, but it just displays the text. For example, a shortcut to this page opens in Chrome and displays:

URL=Windows 10 all shortcuts broken and names changed to "*.url"

This is now resolved.

I don’t know how this worked but I thought I would re-associate the shortcuts with IE and then back to Chrome again. Top of the list of applications was “Internet Browser” (I know IE is not available in Windows 10 so I thought I’d give that a shot). I tried that and all the URLs stayed associated with Chrome, all the “.url” suffixes got hidden again and the links all work correctly.
I don’t understand what that just did but I’m happy that it now works again.



Glad you got it resolved. Windows 10 is full of surprises! :biggrin:

Actually it is for some strange reason.

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