Window scheduled tasks asking password

hi all

i m trying to schedule a task in my window xp

i am logged in as administrator

but i dont have any password set for my system

when i try to create a scheduled task it asks for password

if i dont enter password then it gives error and scheduled task never runs

how to create a scheduled task in windows without having the password


I wonder if it could work if you gave your administrator account a password and then use that for the scheduled task?

no there is no password

no login screen appears when i start computer.

so windows starts without login and password


I believe @Gandalf is suggesting that you create a password for your account, and see if you can then use that password when setting up the task.


where do i set the password in window xp ??


Go to control panel. I think it’s under users or user accounts. My XP machine is in bubble-wrap!